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Residential, Affordable Housing

Wallinger Drive


The proposals for the site consist of 33 residential dwellings and a 4,000 sq.ft retail unit which will contain a convenience store at ground floor level and apartments above at first floor level.

The residential dwellings consist of 08 No. 1B Apartments; 17 No. 2B Apartments, and 08 No. 3B Dwellings.

The proposed residential dwellings will include an affordable housing provision of 31% in line with the Policy requirement under Policy HN2 within the recently adopted Plan:MK. These will be provided in the form of 1B & 2B apartments above the retail unit and standalone apartment building.

In addition to the affordable housing, 20% of the proposed dwellings will be ‘Accessible and Adaptable dwellings’, while 2 of the proposed dwellings will be capable of adaption to ‘Wheelchair User dwellings’ as required under Policy HN4 of Plan:MK.



The proposed appearance of the development takes influence from the existing architecture within the surrounding context and aims to provide a transition between the more contemporary design of Shenley Brook End School and the Oak Tree Centre, as well as the traditional style of the existing residential dwellings on the opposite side of Manifold Lane. The proposed appearance of the mixed use building containing the retail unit and residential apartments, as well as the standalone apartment building will be of a more contemporary design approach to relate to the adjacent school and Oak Tree Centre with both flat and shallow mono-pitch roofs to reflect the detailing used within those buildings. The proposed houses will be of a more traditional profile, albeit utilising modern detailing and window proportions to provide a transition between the contemporary and traditional architecture within the surrounding area.



The development has considered the heights of the existing and proposed buildings within the surrounding context of the site, including Shenley Brook End School, the Oak Tree Centre both existing and future phases, along with existing residential development on the opposite side of Manifold Lane.

The proposals consist of a 2-storey mixed use building, 3-storey apartment building and 2.5-storey houses. The houses have been designed with a traditional profile to help follow the existing/proposed building heights within the surrounding context. The mixed use building has a shallow mono-pitch roof, while the apartment building has a flat roof to help keep the building heights and massing to a residential scale.



The proposed houses within the development will all be provided with private rear gardens which back on to the car park area of the Oak Tree Centre. To increase privacy, a landscape buffer including dense hedgerow will be provided between the gardens and existing boundary fencing between the sites. In addition to this, each apartment will be provided with it’s own private amenity space in the form of balconies/terraces to a minimum depth of 1.5m and ranging between 5-11m2 allowing for a table and chairs to be comfortably used.


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