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Residential, Affordable Housing

Windmill Place, Bushey

CMI Architecture were employed following the granting of planning permission to undertake the technical design stages and delivery of the project.

Having worked with Heronslea on Renaissance we knew their brand and the level of detail necessary and were again happy to work with and also challenge their vision.

Early on in the project CMI highlighted a number of constructability issues that would make some areas of the site problematic to which the client listened to our rational and agreed, so CMI were asked to redesign one of the apartment blocks but at the same time remaining true to the original concept.

CMI were also asked to redesign the second apartment block as the sales demographic changed from the initial requirement of smaller units to a fewer amount but much larger, which ultimately made the apartments sell better.

CMI have ensured that the development met the expectation of the client through considered design and detailing.

the street facing properties were for Housing Association (IDP) which consisted of 10 properties all of which achieved CSH Level 3

CMI undertook the following services..

  • Non Material Amendment Application(s)
  • Construction Drawings
  • SAP / EPC services
  • Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor
  • Secure By Design